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Skincare During Holiday Flights

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SKINCARE DURING HOLIDAY FLIGHTS It’s that time of the year when you are jetting off to your holidays abroad, here are some handy skin care tips whilst you’re in the air.  We often forget is that it takes a toll on the body, on skin health and on our sense of well-being. Being enclosed in an airless cabin is one of the most challenging environments for the skin; dry air and heating or cold air-conditioning experienced for hours on end is extremely dehydrating and aging. Also, since you are breathing in recycled air, your immune system is vulnerable. Add in jetlag, which disrupts the circadian rhythm, and you’ll see is that the body has a lot to cope with in order find balance once your flight touches down. The skin gets very little oxygen during flight time as it is in an encapsulated environment without fresh air, only recirculated air….

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