Leap into Spring looking great

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As we head into March, the weather will begin to warm up and [hopefully] the sunshine will start making a more regular appearance; so let’s  make sure we are ready to leap into Spring feeling our best…

Relaxing DIY Facial Massage to aid relaxing and reduce stressReignite a radiant complexion

Start by getting rid of all the nasty toxins that built up in your skin over the Winter. I’m sure most of you have been detoxing the body since Christmas, but not thought about your skin. Do a month’s detox by using Elemis’ Cellular Recovery Capsules. Apply one capsule morning and night to give you beautiful, clear and radiant skin. They also help to boost hydration and are extremely anti-aging. Trust me you will be hooked on these little beauties!

Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush  at The Haven Spa ExeterSpring clean your pores

Try body brushing for two minutes before you jump into the shower or bath. This will exfoliate the body by removing dead skin cells and you will even feel like you have had a massage after you have used your brush. Body brushing is the only way to clean out your lymphatic system, so you may need a sip of water after. You will notice your skin tone and texture improve very quickly. Bye bye dull skin and cellulite hello smooth radiant skin. We recommend the Elemis Body Brush which is made from cactus bristles. Look after your brush and it will last you a life time.

Spa Find Youthful You Spa Treatment of the Month ExeterRe-mineralise and Cleanse

If you are thinking of a treatment that would be good for you this time of year, try our Spa Find Youthful You Facial. This facial is extremely deep cleansing, re-mineralising and is packed with lots of massage.

Spring into action with 30 minutes of exercise per daySpring into action

Now that the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings are pulling out, it is now much easier to incorporate some exercise into your day. The intensity of exercise is hugely dependent on your abilities and can be anything from a 30minute walk/jog in the morning to awake your body for your day to a 60 minute intense fitness class.

Green Tea to prepare for SpringHave your Spring Greens

I truly believe a cup or two of Green Tea keeps the bugs away; so let’s stay healthy and shift the colds away by enjoying at least one mug of Green Tea a day.

Please just ask if you’d like further information and advice.


Lucy and the Team x

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