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Spa Magik Organiks

Muscle Therapy Ache Away Eucalyptus Bath Salts 550g £12.50spa-magik-organiks_ache_away_eucalyptus_salts_1100px

  •     Boosts circulation
  •     Relieves muscle fatigue and tension
  •     Decongestant vapours
  •     Skin-hydrating plant extracts

How to use:

To a warm bath add 2 – 4 handfuls of Eucalyptus Ache Away Bath Salts. Then relax for 20 minutes whilst the natural oils and therapeutic minerals soak away your aches and pains.

Muscle Therapy Ache Away Muscle Rub £12.95orb002-spa-magik-orgainks-muscle-therapy-muscle-rub_1

  •     Relieves muscle soreness
  •     Releases everyday tension
  •     Naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
  •     Pain relief for everyday stiffness
  •     Decongestant menthol vapours

How to use:

Use as a massage oil to relieve muscular tension. After a warm bath, apply to directly to the tense areas, massaging gently. Also suitable to use pre-exercise, for everyday aches and pains, or as a natural decongestant.

Sleep Therapy Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts 550g £12.50ord001-spa-magik-organiks_deep_sleep_lavender_salts_1100px

  •     Relaxes the mind and body
  •     Encourages restful sleep
  •     Contains stress-reducing minerals
  •     Natural organic oils condition the skin

How to use:

To a warm bath add 2-4 handfuls of therapeutic bath salts. Then relax and unwind for around 20 minutes whilst the lavender oils and soothing minerals ease away the stresses of the day.

Sleep Therapy 6-Oil Super Serum 50ml £17.95orf001-spa-magik-6-oil-super-serum_1100px_1

  •     Repairs and hydrates the skin
  •     Lightweight formula, non-greasy
  •     Use on face, body, pulse points, nails and hair
  •     Relaxing lavender aroma

How to use:

Use daily: Skin serum – apply a few drops onto the skin. Massage into the face and body before using your usual moisturiser. Sleep therapy – before bed, one drop to each pulse point. Gently massage to release the lavender oils. Hair oil – a few drops to your scalp to condition the skin and relieve itchy, flaky areas. Cuticles and nails – add one drop and massage well into each nail and cuticle to nourish and protect.

Himalayan Hot Salt Rocks in a Jar (Heart) £9.95ssd005-salt-rocks-hearts-1100px

  •     Rebalancing and revitalising
  •     Detoxifying
  •     Pain relieving
  •     Anti-inflammatory

Sourced from the highest place on earth, the quality and purity are unequalled. By placing these beautiful pink salt rocks in a warm bath, you are giving yourself a simple, yet effective mineral home spa treatment and your whole body will benefit immediately from the 84 naturally occurring minerals they contain.

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