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Illuminate RRIlluminate Facial Collection    £35.00    worth over £78!

This collection is recommended for sensitive skin types as well as those with dry skin.  Contains: Renewed Radiance Energising Cleanser 250ml (FULL SIZE), Renewed Radiance Energising Toning Spray 250ml (FULL SIZE); Spa Find Renewed Radiance Energising Mud Mask 50ml (FULL SIZE); Renewed Radiance Deep Sea Nourishment 50ml (FULL SIZE).


Glow BBGlow Facial Collection    £35.00    worth over £72!

Careful picked by our Spa Find therapists as a collection of professional skincare suitable for combination or normal skin types. Create a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising to bring balance and stability to oil-prone or congested skin. Natural Witch Hazel and essential minerals gently take care of the skin, delicately cleansing whilst regulating moisture.  Contains:  Balanced Beauty Stabilising Cleanser 250m (FULL SIZE); Balanced Beauty Stabilising Toning Spray 250ml (FULL SIZE); Balanced Beauty Stabilising Moisturiser 75ml (FULL SIZE); Balanced Beauty Stabilising Mud Mask 50ml (FULL SIZE).

Sparkle HHSparkle Body Collection    £35.00    worth over £87!

This range of mineral skin care is specifically formulated and selected to help alleviate dry skin and maintain skin’s hydration.  Contains:  Heavenly Hydration Mineralising Shower Gel 400m (FULL SIZE); Heavenly Hydration Mineralising Body Lotion 400ml (FULL SIZE); Heavenly Hydration Dead Sea Salts 1kg (FULL SIZE); Heavenly Hydration Mineralising Hand Care Cream 100ml (FULL SIZE); Heavenly Hydration Mineralising Foot Care Cream 100ml (FULL SIZE).

Shimmer HH smallShimmer Body Collection    £20.00    worth over £34!

A perfect duo skincare treatment for an at-home spa treat. Ideal to demonstrate a winning product combination. This gift set is suitable or all skin types especially dull or dry skin in need of a mineral boost.  Contains:  Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing 500g (FULL SIZE); Heavenly Hydration Re-Mineralize+ HS Body Balm 200ml (FULL SIZE).

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