The perfect summer tan in three easy steps!

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With the lovely weather we have been enjoying, it certainly feels like the summer is upon us! As the temperatures rise and we all start baring our legs and donning our flip-flops, our attention turns to achieving a gorgeous sun-kissed glow and preparing our skin for our upcoming summer holidays.

Fear not, we are here to help! Here’s how to get the perfect tan in three easy steps:

1. Exfoliate twice a week:

Removing dead cells is so important to achieve a good, even tan. If you don’t your skin will become dry and flaky and you will just be tanning dead cells, which won’t last very long. I always find using a salt scrub works best and my favourite is Spa Find’s Heavenly Hydration Salt Scrub. It’s packed with oils which is also very nourishing for the skin.

2. Moisturise every day to keep the skin supple and glowing:

I always opt for a moisturiser with a gradual tan in so I am ready for those shorts and flip flops even earlier! Its so surprising how much better I feel when I have a subtle glow. I personally love Elemis’ Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion.

3. Prepare the skin with a Tan Accelerator:

Tan accelerators act as a natural tan booster to kick-start your melanin production before you expose your skin to the sun. This means that when you are ready to hit the beach and sunbath, your skin is protected and ready to tan quicker. I always use a Tan Accelerator for at least two weeks leading up to a holiday and also continue to use it in the evenings whilst I’m away to calm and protect the skin for the sun. There are heaps of products out there but my personal favourite is Elemis’ Tan Accelerator.

Please just ask a member of The Haven team for any tanning help & advice.

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