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A thirsty skin is a difficult thing to hide.  Skin needs to be fed and watered twice a day to look and feel its best.  This is why you need a moisturiser that delivers anti-oxidants, nutrients and hydration that gets to work supporting it all day.

Elemis moisturisers are rich in naturally sourced ingredients, like Pedina Pevonica, which contains clinically proven powerful anti-ageing properties.  Elemis moisturisers feel extraordinary, smell extraordinary and work wonderfully.

Your skins hydration levels can be influenced by a huge number of factors, including seasonal changes, age, or simply the ever evolving rhythm of your life.  Elemis offers a variety of moisturiser textures to meet any concern or need your skin may have.

The Hydra range is the everyday essential when it comes to moisturising, making it perfect for dry and combination skins.

Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm is a hybrid, lighter moisturiser that gives your skin an instant dewiness.  It works as an anti-ager as well as a make-up primer and can either be used on its own, or with another moisturiser for extra nourishment.

For fine lines and wrinkles, the Pro-Collagen range is packed with anti-ageing properties, most notably Paina Pevonica, the extraordinarily powerful marine active.  It comes in a Ultra Rich variant also, for skin in need of a little more nourishment.  The most potent in the anti-ageing line-up is the Pro-Intense range which targets sagging and thinning skin.

Protect your skin.  Support its regeneration.  Quench its thirst.  get your moisturiser right and the results will speak for themselves.  Ask us for advice.

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