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Elemis Kefir-tea Mist Product Review

Elemis Kefir-tea Mist Product Review

What is the superfood Kefir-tea Mist product by Elemis?

As part of our blog series at the Haven Spa, Exeter, we are reviewing the Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea mist product and giving you the low down on what it is, what it does, and the benefits.

At the Haven Spa, we believe that knowledge is best based on experience and so we test the products ourselves amongst our team to give you first-hand experience of the products and how they may work for you.

What is the aim of the Kefir-tea mist product?

Elemis Kefir-tea mist is described by Elemis as a super hydrating 4 in 1 treatment mist which is fortified with anti-oxidant rich superfoods designed to give you a fresh and dewy complexion.

We found that it can be used at any time, for example as a skin primer under your makeup, but equally can be used during the day as a refresh and rehydrate if your skin is feeling dry.

Elemis have set out to achieve the balancing and toning the skin, in our practical experience, of the product, testing has been achieved. Our team highly recommend and have enjoyed using it throughout the past few weeks.

Whilst we are by no means a team of scientists in a laboratory we can use products in the real world as busy women with the experience of skincare and we found that it lived up to the hype and left us with a complexion that felt dewy fresh and radiant.

Is Kefir Tea Mist suitable for vegetarians?

This brand within the Elemis range is confirmed as being suitable for vegans which is another amazing positive value. It contains a blend of ingredients, including coconut water and aloe vera, which acts as a natural pre-biotic, this product is a natural breath of fresh air and leaves your skin feeling fresh and refreshed.

Would you recommend it?

In short, absolutely. At the Haven Spa, we will not and do not stock products that we have not tested ourselves and do not believe it’s benefits. We are pleased to report that the Elemis Kefir Tea Mist is now a welcome addition to our available products to buy range, and also can be found in our skincare regime at home.

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