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Elemis Superfood Facial Experience

Elemis Superfood Facial Experience

What could be better than getting your skin refreshed with the innovative superfood facial by Elemis which will enrich you from the inside out, as well as renew your vitality.

What Are The Results Of A Superfood Facial?

This facial will make your skin feel rejuvenated, smoother, and will provide your skin with vital hydration. It will enhance your natural beauty and postpone the effects of the climate and ageing. A facial will also allow you to see impressive results in your daily skincare regime. It is one of the best ways to deep cleanse your skin and open your pores to allow skincare products to penetrate deeper into the epidermis and work more effectively – this will allow you to see the best results from topically applied products.

Why Elemis?

Elemis is a leading and award-winning skincare brand in the UK. They are best known for their natural and innovative products, and their motto is ‘Defined by Nature. Led by Science’.

What Type Of Skin Does This Facial Target?

The Elemis superfood facial targets skin which has a build-up of toxins and a dull and stressed appearance.

What Is Special About The Ingredients?

We look after our body by choosing to eat superfoods, so why not do the same for our skin. By applying these ingredients topically, we can see beneficial results much like when we eat them. The facial contains essential minerals including Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A and E.

Magnesium can be found in foods such as avocados, nuts, fish and whole grains, and is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. It works to lower your cortisol levels and stabilise hormonal imbalances. The benefits to your skin include improving your skins texture, tone, and giving you a clearer complexion.

Potassium can be found in foods such as bananas, beans and potatoes.

Within your skin, it works to regulate the amount of water your skin retains. Potassium is not able to be absorbed topically by your skin, but it does restore vital moisture and improve skin texture.

Vitamin A is found in many nutrient-dense foods including many orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, squash, mangoes and papayas. Our skin can absorb vitamin A when it is applied topically.

Because of this, it is particularly beneficial to the two top layers of your skin; the epidermis and dermis. The benefits of applying Vitamin A topically are how it stimulates collagen production, which helps to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been known to be effective at treating skin conditions such as acne.

Vitamin E can be found in foods such as leafy green vegetables, seeds and nuts. It is a less known and spoken about vitamin, but not one to be forgotten, due to it being an antioxidant that works to combat free radicals and affect blood circulation. These factors improve the structure of the skin, making the skin feel firmer and look healthier and more vibrant.

Is This Treatment Suitable For Vegans?

Yes, this facial is plant-based and Vegan-friendly due to being made up of a natural blend of highly concentrated superfoods, minerals and nutrients.

What Are The Benefits Of A Facial For The Mind?

A facial can not only provide benefits for your skin but also your mind. Having a break to be alone with your thoughts in a peaceful environment will help you to clear your mind and gain a calmer outlook on life. The relaxing elements of a facial include the soothing scents within the product.

Much like a body massage, a facial massage can help us to relax. The massage techniques used during the treatment boost circulation and this causes oxygen and nutrients to be distributed throughout your face and body more effectively. A well-circulated body is vital for your overall health and well-being.

How Often Should You Have A Facial?

It is recommended by professionals that you have a facial once a month.

This is the time in which your skin renews after the process of skin cell growth. However, this could vary depending on your skin type, so it is worth consulting your therapist after your treatment. Getting into the habit of having facials regularly will help to keep your skin clear and maintain radiance.

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